Tom met fangirls in China. What a happy moment as you can see from the photo. What if I tell you some of the girls on the photo are not even Tom’s fans?

Hundreds of fans were waiting at Beijing Capital International Airport when they heard that Tom would arrived there. Disney said nothing about the events like fan meeting,so fans had to try their best to guess where they could meet Tom as most of them had no chance to go abroad. The period Tom was in China was their only chance.

Few of them got luck to meet Tom as the rest didn’t. Everything seemed going well, fans talked about what Tom did in China and the Thor film.Until Marvel posted several photos.

People suddenly found that there was a fan meeting with Tom.

Yet NOBODY knew the meeting have ever happened.

At this moment,one of fans organisations admitted that they were the person who in the photo,who had meet Tom.The organisation is an unofficial on-line fans club in Baidu Tieba(a kind of chartroom in China).

They claimed that Disney asked they to call up 50 Tom’s fans to attend the meeting before he arrived China. Who would be the lucky 50? They caught their chance. They didn’t make it public as they knew there were so many fans in China loved Tom. They put their name and their friends’ name on the list. Only several fans don’t belong to their organisation nor their friends got invitation to attend the meeting and they were all told to keep it secret or else they would be kicked out of the list.

Did Disney or Marvel ask they to keep it secret? We don’t know. They said nothing about the meeting until now. The organisation claimed that Disney asked each of them to sign on a confidentiality agreement which asks they keep themselves away from other events when Tom was in China and they must tell nothing about the fan meeting to any person they know,including their family and their friends,actually anyone who are not on the list. 

Nevertheless,later,several person who went to the fan meeting said that they knew nothing about the confidentiality agreement. They were told to keep it secret by the leader of the organisation.

Look back the day Tom arrived,hundreds of fans were waiting at Terminal 2 because they heard Tom’s flight will arrive there. Some of them didn’t live in Beijing,and they came from other parts of China. Some of them had friends who were in the lucky 50,who knew Tom would arrived at Terminal 3.

However,none of the lucky 50 has ever told their friends stop waiting at the wrong Terminal,instead they pretended they couldn’t go to the airport or even go to Beijing because of college or working. Even when they knew their friends were crying at airport after the whole night waiting and got nothing. 

Now, fangirls angry about what they did,angry about that some of the lucky 50 are not even Tom’s fans. They attended the fan meeting only because who they are and the privilege their friends have.

Now I am wondering if Disney and Marvel know about what happened,if they are the ones who asked the lucky 50 to keep the whole thing secret,if they care about the feeling of fans.

PS:I am a fangirl studying in London.

I have met the actors I like in UK rather than in China.

What those lucky 50 did in Beijing couldn’t damage my interests.I just need to say something because those poor fangirls deserve explanation.

You have right to believe what you want and you have right to tell your story.

I’ve heard about this,can’t understand how they could manage an fan event without telling the fans. This is really unfair to the true fans and hurts those who deeply love Tom [sigh] One of my best friend cried for 2 days due to this, I felt so sorry for her. Any fan needs to be given an equal chance, at least, an explaination now.

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