yi peng (second full moon) lantern festival in chiangmai, thailand. wish lanterns, also known as khoom loy or khoom fay, are symbolic in thailand of problems and worries floating away. photos: ng chai hock, pansiri pikunkaew, taradol chitmanchaitham

i’d love to do this. i really want to go to thailand as it is already.

Wait Thailand we will bring your the words of God and where the True Hope is!!~ ( Even this is beautiful but only turn up from wish to ash )

#Bangkok Mission Trip 2013#

Desna and Eska

Be honest I didn’t like the twins at first place

but they were impressively cute in premiere~ now I’m looking forwards for their further apparence~

Didn’t see much fanart of them around, so I tried to draw them myself. After nearly one year away from my tablet, this is much harder than I thought  …  took me three hours to get this bit done… QAQ [cry]

anyway…better than nothing…



So, my friends. Now I want you to submit photos of the most beautiful girls in the world. BEST MAI IN THE WORLD.

You see my Toph cosplay, my great team: Aang, Katara, Zuko,Sokka, Azula, Suki, Ty Lee. And now…My great Mai.

I am very proud that this girl on my team, because the whole world will  not you find girl, whoo look like a Mai more, then Wisperia.


now comes the real!!! QAQ

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